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"All of us at 1 AFH, Doctors, Nurses, Tech's, Orderlies, Clerks, Storemen and Drivers answered the 'Call to Arms'. It is important to recognise that we all actively contributed to the relief of suffering and saving the lives of the 'Diggers' at War."

Brian Milde


1969 - 1970

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1st Australian Field Hospital Banner

The 1st (Aust) Field Hospital Association remembers our patients recorded by name in the admission and discharge books. 

We are proud to have served you!

Unit Honour Roll

Chronological Record of Service 1st Australian Field Hospital

and Affiliated Units

1 April 1968 ~ 25 November 1971

The men and women who served with the 1st Australian Field Hospital (1 AFH) are acknowledged in this Honour Roll; as are those who served with 33 Dental Unit, 1 Field Medical & Dental Equipment Depot, 1 Field Hygiene Company, Chaplains and the Red Cross.

For those who served with both 8 Field Ambulance and 1 AFH, the chronological dates indicate total time served in Vietnam.

Abbreviation Key

Royal Australian Army Medical Corps - RAAMC

Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps - RAANC

Royal New Zealand Nursing Corps - RNZNC

Royal Australian Army Dental Corps -

RAADC Royal Australian Army Service Corps -

RAASC Australian Army Catering Corps - AACC

Royal Australian Army Chaplains Department - RAACHD

The Australian and New Zealand Red Cross - (NZ) Red Cross

Australian Army Aviation Corps - AAAC

Royal Australian Infantry Corps - RA Inf

Royal Australian Artillery - RAA


Royal Australian Engineers - RAE

Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers - RAEME

Royal Australian Navy - RAN

Royal Australian Air Force - RAAF

Post nominal awards are shown for service in Vietnam.

Disclaimer: The primary source for this information was the Department of Veterans Affairs Nominal Roll with many other names being added as a result of our own research.

We apologise for any errors or omissions that may have occurred.

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